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Become a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a form of Energy work passed down by Master Dr. Usui from generation to generation. Reiki is a form of placing of the hands over certain energy portals we call chakras to help release stagnant energy which may be causing blockages within our body’s system. With Reiki, you are used as a conduit of healing to channel the universal life force Between the almighty creator and the source. Placing of the hands has been used in biblical times as the Son of God placed his hands among the ill and healed many people. Learn how to channel the life force the oneness the stillness that God has created within you and for you. Utilize the energy to help someone else find their light and power that’s already deep and alive with us. You just have to believe.


Ready to explore the wonderful healings of Energy Work? Become a Reiki Practitioner to learn about the teaching of master Dr. Mikao USUI SHIRI RYOHO

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Learn Reiki Level III become a Master

* Reiki Training Classes provided on offsite location
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